Something Blue (A Wedding Portrait)

Something Blue (A Wedding Portrait)


Japanese Style Painting 再び 和風で描いてみました


It's Easter holiday here in Australia.

The weather is so nice and I hope it lasts during 2 weeks time. 
We had a long rainy days last couple of months in Brisbane.
For sure, we needs umbrellas a lot more than we used to live in this city.

Here are the quick paintings with my way in Japanese style.
These vegetables are all grown in Australia.
We order vegetables from an organic farm service called "Food Connect".
They are pretty popular in Brisbane.
You can join the member & order not only vegetables but also fruits, milk(other dairy foods), eggs, rice, bread etc.
Please have a look at this site.

最近、ヘタを取って 色で食べ頃を確認する方法も知りました。

このカボチャは"Jap Pumpkin"と呼ばれているので 名前を変えさせたい。